negative vs. positive

Positive Vs. Negative

A negative sees a positive, and it must attack.

The positive can see all that the negative lacks.

The negative jumps into the ring, ready for a fight.

The positive bobs and dodges the negative all night.

The negative swings, wildly determined to win this bout.

The positive sidesteps, and so the negative knocks itself out.

– Nick Cannon, Neon Aliens Ate my Homework.

I read this poem last night, snuggled up with my son in his bed. (We read books of short stories or poems, facts or amazing feats together each night before the lights are turned off.)

I have been so negative this past week. Stress, and pressure have pushed me into a corner, and I feel as though I’m shrinking underneath it all. I went to the gym this morning to box, hoping to punch or kick my way through.  Usually, I’m able to focus my frustrations and stress onto the heavy bag, but I’ve been bombarded from so many directions lately, I haven’t been able to find that focus. The negative is determined to win here.

So today, after a less than satisfactory bout at the gym, I sat down in front of my computer to take one of the stresses off my plate, and organize my day. One bob and dodge for the positive

Later, I took my daughter to meet my son at the library. My boy loudly protested, not wanting to get off the computer. He did, (he’s mostly bark), but then ran out of the library, frustrated at how unfair Mom is. My daughter and I stayed behind, roaming through the stacks, looking for adventures to carry us through the week. He came back 15 minutes later (as always), crying, inconsolable… He’d lost his cell phone in his mad dash to escape his own stress and frustration.  We found the phone 10 minutes later at the police station. (It was strange, my son walking next to me, holding my hand, while his phone was moving down Curtiss Avenue on the map. Find a Friend is a great app.) There are honest, and genuinely good people in this world. Either way, I had the most important piece of that duo with me. The negative was swinging wildly, but the positive sidestepped.

To celebrate the good and honest people in this world, we went out for dinner. I did not have to do dishes. Knock out.

It’s a matter of perspective. I do know this, but sometimes I need a reminder.


One thought on “negative vs. positive

  1. Stress can get us down. No doubt. But it sounds like you’ve come out swinging – and on top! I love slices with happy endings (including the finding of the phone and dinner out!!!)


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